Field School - Archaeological Excavation and Methodology



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Field School in Archaeological Excavation and Methodology

Practical details

Season dates: July 21 – August 16, 2014

Application deadline: June 1, 2014

Number of participants: 12 (preference will be given to students taking the 4-week course)

Three-credit course: 4 weeks – 2600 Euro (3500 USD)
Certificate of participation course:         4 weeks – 2100 Euro (2900 USD)
                                                              2 weeks – 1300 Euro (1700 USD)

Academic details

The Roman Port of Rusellae, Tuscany

Located in the midst of unspoilt Tuscan countryside, near the modern city of Grosseto, the excavations are shaping a new understanding of Roman international exchange networks.

Current excavations focus on the cabotage river port linked to the EtruscanRoman city of Rusellae. These have revealed an extensive workshop complex manufacturing bone, metal and glass objects on a scale unmatched in the area.

The exceptionally rich and well-preserved site was a hub for trade and local luxury goods production throughout the Roman Imperial period.

The Field School projects are aimed at students, early career scholars and those passionate about archaeology.
No prior experience is required. They are offered as for-credit courses and as certificate of participation.